Wireless Classroom Doorbell

RING RING RING! Classroom wireless doorbells are all the rave. I have 100% hopped on that train. I might as well be conducting it. I LOVE our classroom doorbell. It can be utilized for so many different things! They are inexpensive and super durable. I got mine on Amazon

My biggest fear when we first started was how many sensory sensitive kiddos were going to react to it. The cool thing about our doorbell is that you can choose different chimes and adjust the volume. We have a very simple one that is not aggressive for our sensory sensitive friends.

When I got the doorbell I was not too sure how I was going to utilize it. I have seen so many different ways! For our classroom we use it to signal transitions. Students know when they hear the bell it is time to clean up and listen for following instructions. Most of our day follows the same schedule (future post coming) so students generally know what to do/where to go independently after they clean up.

Some other cool ideas I have seen are the team doorbell and multiple doorbells. This is an awesome idea if you have a fellow teacher friend next door that you can go to for help. For this you would need two doorbells, one for each classroom. You then exchange ringers. When you press your doorbell it will ring in the room next to you. That teacher than knows you need help!

Another option is to have multiple doorbells for different things. For example, one doorbell would signify transition, another eyes on me, and a different one to give a five minute warning. These system works best for older kiddos.

Regardless of how you use it, wireless doorbells are changing classrooms across the nation. They allow teachers to monitor behavior, gain attention, and function efficiently in the classroom.

Doorbell hack: keep your ringer in a hand sanitizer case that can attach to your lanyard.


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