Welcome to The Alternative Way to Pre-K.

Hello! My name is Lucy and I am a preschool self contained teacher! I have been teaching the same program and school since 2014. I created this blog to document my teaching strategies, personal experiences, products for teachers, resources for parents, and offer inspiration to all the speducators out there!

About Me

I am originally from Buffalo, NY (GO BILLS!) but relocated to Charleston, SC in 2014 to peruse my teaching career. I have my Bachelors and Masters degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. I hold a professional teaching license in both NY and SC. Click HERE to learn more about why I choose special education as my career path!

I currently teach special education preschool in a public school. I serve students with a wide range of abilities ages 3-4 all who have an IEP. I implement a variety of strategies and methodologies which you can learn more about in my blog!

When I am not teaching I enjoy taking my dog to the beach, fitness, reading, and working on my TPT store. I love to staying active but also love a good Netflix binge. I am so excited to meet you and bring you along on my teaching journey! Follow along on IG @thealternativewaytoprek


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