Simple Yet Functional

I am not tech savvy or artistic. I use Paint and Microsoft word. I am not a graphic designer or Picasso.  I feel like so many teachers feel the pressure of having a Pinterest perfect classroom. If you are looking for some visually complex graphics and scripts this is not the place. I like to keep things functional and simple. This carries through our classroom aesthetic, routines, and paperwork. Things do not have to be in a pretty font or ROYBGV order. Your students will not fail and neither will you!

We keep it simple but we still label everything. I personally use a label maker but that is just because it is so much faster! Labels are used mainly for name shapes. What is a name shape you ask? Each student is assigned a colored shape that their name and picture go on. To me this is just another way of doing a colored coded classroom. Some students have only their name on their shape. Others have their name and picture. It all depends on that child’s current goals. These labels go on their line spot, task bins, center pieces, sign in, and snack names. These also help reinforce color and shape identification.  For all other labels we use Lessonpix or Boardmaker.

Morning Work Bins
Sign In
Center Boards

I Also keep my data sheets very simple. I do not have exquisite graphics and colors. I use Comic Sans and a good old fashion table/spreadsheet. Does this make me any less of a teacher? No! They are user friendly and most importantly parent friendly. Check out my TPT  for instant downloads to my lucid and efficient data collection forms at


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