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Questions You Should Be Asking About Returning Safely To School

It is clear that returning to school is a hot topic right now. This post is not meant to scare you or persuade you to choose a side. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Instead, its to get you thinking about various topics regarding school resuming. Maybe you already have these answers, maybe you… Continue reading Questions You Should Be Asking About Returning Safely To School


Inclusion Advocates You Should Be Following

There are numerous people who have dedicated their time using social media platforms to advocate for the special needs community. Instagram has changed the way these advocates can reach wider audiences and have their message heard. There are hundreds of advocates doing exceptional work out there but here are few of my favorites! The Inclusion… Continue reading Inclusion Advocates You Should Be Following

Creative Curriculum

For the past six years my district program PIC (Preschool Intervention Classroom; self contained pre-k) has not had a set curriculum. We've used bits and pieces from various programs such as DLM, Read it Once Again, Teach Town, and Second Step. All of those were great but they did not capture all the skills being… Continue reading Creative Curriculum

Adapted and Interactive Books

If you have been to my TPT Store you will see I am all about Adapted and Interactive Books. These books are so versatile! They can be used for 1:1, small, and large group, task bins, assessment, independent, partner, and morning work. For those of you that don't know, Adapted & Interactive books are books… Continue reading Adapted and Interactive Books