Flip Visual Schedule Review (Teach.Love. Autism)

In our classroom we have one main schedule board. Tabs are flipped when they are completed. However, for some kiddos this is not enough. Many student benefit from a personalized visual schedule. There endless amount of options for visual schedules. However, my students range from 3- 5 years old. They need something tangible yet functional. That is where Teach. Love. Autism’s Editable Flip Schedule comes in.

What makes this schedule so special? It’s versatility and practical system. Many of my students struggle with moving a tile from “to do” to “all done.” This system eliminates that step by covering the step with an “All Done” flap. This has been a GAME CHANGER for so many of my students. It is also a great introduction to interactive visuals schedules. Extra bonus: no more losing pieces!

As previously mentioned, this system is extremely versatile. It is 100% editable which allows for endless possibilities! Schedules can be made for single tasks, a series of steps, or a full day. There are 20 board options and even 50 pre-loaded icons. You can also upload your own images to customize for your student’s needs.

Assembly of this system is not for the weak. It is very time consuming and tedious. However, it is so worth it! The purchased download does come with step by step directions but you can also check out her how to video here.


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