Sign Language vs. AAC

Almost every parent starts teaching their child baby sign language around six months. This usually includes basic ASL(American Sign Language) signs like more, please, and eat. Developmentally this works for children under 18 months since they have developed the oral motor skills to produce speech. What about when your child passes the 2 year mark?… Continue reading Sign Language vs. AAC


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) at Home: Why is it so important?

AAC does not stop at the end of the school day. It NEEDS to be generalized across all settings. This doesn't just entail private therapies but also in your home and community! Every time you are asking a question, talking about an event, or addressing a child that uses AAC you NEED to be implementing… Continue reading Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) at Home: Why is it so important?

Morning Circle: Start Your Day Off Right!

Morning Circle is a time for us to come together as a classroom family, asses the day, and put our learning hats on! It is a very interactive whole group lesson where everyone does their part. We work on turn taking, requesting, sharing, movement, music, AAC, and pre-academic skills. Morning circle starts of with a… Continue reading Morning Circle: Start Your Day Off Right!

Schedule Break Down

Arrival: As students come into class ready to work, they hang up their jacket and backpack. They then sign in by moving their name from home to school. (This is wonderful practice for fine motor skills and following one step directives). After that, students go and get their work bin. Work bins are filled with… Continue reading Schedule Break Down

Friday Baking

Did somebody say snacks? I love to eat and so do my students. Thats why every Friday we cook! Cooking is a great way for students to work on multiple skills i.e. turn taking, fine motor, communcation, and pre-acedmic skills! When we cook it always correlates to the story we are reading that week. We… Continue reading Friday Baking


Communication is an obstacle for a lot of my students. This can effect their ability to interact with peers. After a year of making phone calls and securing licenses we were able to create a communication board for our shared playground. This is the first one in our district. Hoping we can get it out… Continue reading PLAYGROUND COMMUNICATION BOARD


Trick-or-treating is not just for collecting candy. It is an amazing learning opportunity! Whether you are at home or in school, you can always put your teacher spin on an American classic. Here are some goals you can work on! Students will accept items from peers/adultsGiven a button/ fastener/snap/velcro, student and open and close garment Student… Continue reading Trick-Or-Treat The Custom Learning Materials Mecca is one of the greatest resources! This is not a sponsored post. I truly just feel that strongly about them! If you’re like me, and you are not into buying clipart on TPT to make things, Lessonpix is fantastic! For a small $30 a year you get access to an abundant amount of resources.… Continue reading The Custom Learning Materials Mecca


Before reading this post please read my previous posts Aided language simulationAAC at HomeAAC vs. ASL PECS has been around forever. But that is the problem, it is an outdated system. I see so many teachers still using PECS. Now before you go sending my hate mail, remember I am not an SLP this is… Continue reading PECS vs AAC

AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and Aided Language Simulation

A lot of my kiddos have limited or emerging language skills. Some students use AAC devices to clarify their speech. Others use it as their sole means of communication. Since my students are in the 3-5 year old they need to be taught how to use their AAC device. Aided simulation is communication strategy, where… Continue reading AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and Aided Language Simulation