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Sign Language vs. AAC

Almost every parent starts teaching their child baby sign language around six months. This usually includes basic ASL(American Sign Language) signs like more, please, and eat. Developmentally this works for children under 18 months since they have developed the oral motor skills to produce speech. What about when your child passes the 2 year mark?… Continue reading Sign Language vs. AAC


No Mess Art Hacks

I love a painted noddle necklace or finger painting collage just like everyone else. Making a mess is half of the fun of making crafts! However, sometimes due to time constraints, staffing, or complexity of the craft we integrate in these no mess hacks. These tricks are super simple and the supplies can be found… Continue reading No Mess Art Hacks

Rotation Stations: Differentiating Instruction to Reach All Students

Rotation Stations is a blending learning model that has been implemented in elementary classrooms for developed by UDL (Universal Design for Learning). Rotations Stations looks a little different in every classroom. So lets take a look on how we utilize Rotation Stations in our classroom. The Basics In our classroom there are a series of… Continue reading Rotation Stations: Differentiating Instruction to Reach All Students

Data Collection And Assessments: The Method Behind the Madness

Data drives everything. Instruction, interventions, behavior management, and classroom procedures are all based on data. Data provides a base and allows one to develop appropriate goals. There are many different forms and tools for data collection. There are standardized, non-standardized, and teacher created it. There are also different types of measurement. Lets take a more… Continue reading Data Collection And Assessments: The Method Behind the Madness

Gobble Gobble, It’s Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving is not all about the food! It also is a time to work on new vocabulary and pre-academic skills. Take a look at all the recent terrific turkey fun we have been having. Pin The Feather On The Turkey This silly game is a class favorite! Student's put on our goofy glasses and try… Continue reading Gobble Gobble, It’s Turkey Time!

Flip Visual Schedule Review (Teach.Love. Autism)

In our classroom we have one main schedule board. Tabs are flipped when they are completed. However, for some kiddos this is not enough. Many student benefit from a personalized visual schedule. There endless amount of options for visual schedules. However, my students range from 3- 5 years old. They need something tangible yet functional.… Continue reading Flip Visual Schedule Review (Teach.Love. Autism)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) at Home: Why is it so important?

AAC does not stop at the end of the school day. It NEEDS to be generalized across all settings. This doesn't just entail private therapies but also in your home and community! Every time you are asking a question, talking about an event, or addressing a child that uses AAC you NEED to be implementing… Continue reading Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) at Home: Why is it so important?

Choice Works App Review

As a teacher, we have endless resources at our hands. This includes visual schedules, first then boards, social stories, I am working for, and visuals. We have the luxury of keeping these materials in our classroom. What about parents? You cant be lugging around five different social stories and a visual schedule every time you… Continue reading Choice Works App Review