Inclusion Advocates You Should Be Following

There are numerous people who have dedicated their time using social media platforms to advocate for the special needs community. Instagram has changed the way these advocates can reach wider audiences and have their message heard. There are hundreds of advocates doing exceptional work out there but here are few of my favorites!

The Inclusion Project

This is probably one of the first accounts I ever followed and I’m glad I did! This is not the first or last time I will be posting about this amazing mama. “I started Inclusion Project when I was just beginning to understand what inclusion actually was. I was a young mom to three boys, one of which who had a diagnosis of autism and I was hungry for knowledge and resources and help. I have learned so much over this time but more than anything I’ve realized that inclusion is incredibly human and it will always be a process that continues to evolve and we will continue to grow but it is possible and it’s magical when we can work together. What a wonderful thing that is.” Kathryn has made it her job to create a more inclusive world and advocate for her son. Working with the Inclusion Project and Inclusion Home, she gives a great number of tips for sensory integration and weekly activities. She even has an inclusion guide for schools and has wrote a PHENOMENAL book, Inclusion Alphabet. Bonus: she makes really cute shirts with a positive message. She is just an all around rock star. You can follow her at @inclusion_project and @inclusion_home.

Life With Ellie Girl

This duo melts my heart! Rebecca and Ellie are a mother and daughter team breaking down barriers. Ellie is diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, polymicrogyira, microcephaly and intractable epilepsy, but she in no way lets that define her. Rebecca is always sharing Ellie’s contagious smile, progress, therapy sessions and how to make everything accessible. Every time I scroll through their feed I find a huge smile on my face. Follow them at @lifewithelliegir.

The Lucky Few and The Lucky Few Pod

Heather Avis, Micha Boyett and Mercedes Lara are another group of bad*** mamas! These women are advocates of Down Syndrome and inclusion. They talk about everything from diagnosis, how to make a more inclusive world, and most recently navigating quarantine. They also have created a free guide to inclusion. These women open up their hearts, homes and personal experiences to show you what life with the lucky few is like. Check them out at @theluckyfewpod @theluckyfewoffical and

No Such Thing

I don’t even know where to start with Megan because she’s just that awesome! This mama bear embodies inclusivity. She is an outstanding advocate, talented author, and she makes some pretty cute kids. Megan founded No Such Thing which is an organization fostering inclusion and acceptance. Her mission is to help educate, introduce and promote inclusion at a young age. She believes “the more kiddos are around people with differences at a young age, able to ask appropriate questions and interact with people of all differences, it’ll be a much smoother future in the diversity realm.” Meghan has written an outstanding children’s book about acceptance titled No Such Thing As Normal. Learn more about Meghan at or follow her on IG

If you have any suggestions for other sped advocates to follow please let me know!


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