Adaptive Clothing & Shoes

We take for granted being able to get up every morning, get dressed, and put our shoes on. Some people have a little more difficulty with these everyday tasks. Kiddos with fine motor, physical needs, and equipment/medical accommodations may need extra help. However, there are various tools and options to help kids become more functionally independent.


There are a million types of shoes out there! For our kiddos with OT and PT the standered children’s shoe is not always the most accommodating. Below are two of my favorite brands that offer adaptive optons.

Image result for plae adaptive shoes
  • Plea offered a variety of shoes that can adapt to different needs
    • There are high and low top shoes
    • The wide mouth opening and removable insole make it perfect for kiddos with SMOs and AFOs.
    • Adjustable velcro straps (tabs)
      • There are TONS of these fun colored tabs. You can even customize your own! Click here to see the endless options
  • Billy Footwear
    • Billy Footwear is fashion forward and functional. Their mission is for a universally designed shoe.
    • The create of Billy was in a accident leaving him paralyzed from the chest down and lost feeling in some of his fingers. He saw a need for more functional and accisbale shoe for those with fine motor needs.
    • Billy has a large zip mouth opening in both shoe and boot options.
    • This is another amazing shoe that accommodates AFOs and SMOs.


When shopping for adaptive clothing it is important to your research its quality and durability. Remember these are not customized products. What works for one kiddo might not be as functional for another student. There are TONS of adaptive clothing lines and products out there. These are just a few of my personal favorite brands.

adaptive clothing at Target
  • Target
    • Target recently release a line of adaptive clothing and like everything Target, its GREAT!
    • From uniforms, to pajamas, and graphic tees. These line covers it all
    • Adaptive components include snap and velcro fastenings, tagless ( for our sensory sensitive friends), hidden openings, diaper friendly designs, and flat seems
  • Patti and Ricky
  • EZ Socks and Underwear
    • Pull looped handles for easy access
    • For every pair purchased there is one donated!
  • Kohls
    • Very similar to Target, Kohls has started an adaptive clothing line
    • They offer clothing with adaptive fastens like velcro/snaps and no tags.

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