‘Tis the Season

The holidays are such a great time reflect on what a great class I have. I love my students and they inspire me to work hard everyday! I have been having so much with them this holiday season. We have been busy learning this holiday season. Take a look at what we have been up to!

Each year I send home a parent questionnaire to determine what holidays and tradition’s students celebrate at home. We want everyone to be included and we love learning about new customs and celebrations.

This year it turns out our entire class celebrates Christmas. Students and parents shared that they celebrate traditions of stuffing stockings, decorating trees, and always checking in on what sort of trouble their Elf is getting into. All of these things are great learning opportunities. Check out the list below to see how we incorporate these activities into our classroom learning!

  • Decorating the Tree
    • In our house keeping center we have 2 trees. Students use the provided materials to work on:
      • fine motor skills
      • AAC
      • requesting
      • turn taking
      • sorting
      • color identification
      • prepositions
      • following direction

  • Elf on the shelf
    • Our classroom elf “Elfy” is always a hit. ( I think I have more fun with it than the kids!). Elfy provides us a platform to work on:
      • joint attention
      • -wh questions
      • recalling information
      • prepositions
      • AAC
      • communication
    • Elfy always comes to our class with a welcome letter and Adapted & Interactive book explaining his expectations and rules. Check out the TPT store to get your hands on a copy.

  • Stuffing stockings
    • This holiday classic is a perfect opporunity to work on
      • sorting
      • color identification
      • fine motor
      • AAC
      • communication
      • requesting
      • following directions

We have had such a fun time celebrating Christmas! I can not wait to see all the great things my students will achieve in the new year! Happy holidays to all and to all a goodnight!!!

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