Rotation Stations: Differentiating Instruction to Reach All Students

Rotation Stations is a blending learning model that has been implemented in elementary classrooms for developed by UDL (Universal Design for Learning). Rotations Stations looks a little different in every classroom. So lets take a look on how we utilize Rotation Stations in our classroom.

The Basics

In our classroom there are a series of three rotations. Pig table (craft with assistant, cow table (1:1 and small group with teacher), and the carpet (student or SLP lead). All rotations happen in a 30 min period with ten minute rotations. Students are assigned small groups of 1-3 students at the beginning of the year. The transitions follow the same pattern. When the timer goes off, students go to their next station. They may only be as young as three years old, but by the end of week two they have this routine down! Rotation stations take place after circle time Monday – Thursday. On Friday we do a whole group baking lesson.

Teacher Station

This is my favorite because it is guaranteed 1:1 time! I work with students individually on their IEP goals. I have an array of materials that are implemented daily in this station. Materials used are differentiated per student and their needs/goals. Some of our focuses are unit cognition, unit tracing, letter and number weekly focus, social stories, and All About Me Books.

Add pick of green shelf

Assistant Station

Our amazing assistant runs our craft station. Students create works of art while learning. Crafts always correlate with our thematic unit. Students construct mini-masterpieces that showcase there always improving skills. Our craft always works ties into IEP goals such as requesting, AAC usage,turn taking, fine motor, social skills, and pre-academic skills. Check out our Instagram Art highlight for a peek of our projects and our TAG POST Craft Hack post for some our supplies!

Speech Station

On Mondays and Wednesday our fabulous SLP runs our carpet station. During this time, she works on student’s IEP goals and general communication skills. By pushing into our classroom, students are in a comfortable environment and do not have to transition or adjust. Our SLP always keeps it fun and interactive.

Student Lead

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the carpet station is student lead. During this time student independently play with their group members.There are for slots on our toy shelf that are open during this time. This allows students to work on social skills and appropriate play. All toys/materials are related to our thematic unit and IEP goals.


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