Token Boards

Token Boards are an AMAZING behavior management system. It not only encourages positive behaviors but enforces expectations and provides structure. Token boards come in many different forms and sizes. No matter what type you are using, it is important to make sure the student has ownership in the process

To begin, issue an interest inventory to either student or parent. Asses what students interests are, what motivates them, or what gets them excited. Ask them what their favorite toys and shows are. A good place to state is a questionnaire. You can check ours out in my TPT store. This is a great base for creating and efficient and effective system.

Once your students preferred items are established, you can start developing your own token board. You can create tokens of their favorite characters or animal.

Students must earn a specific amount of tokens to gain their reward. Rewards can include screen time, snacks, stickers, or toys. The amount of tokens earned is child specific. For example, for a student just starting out on token boards I might have them only earn three tokens before earning break. Students that are more rehearsed in the system might have to earn eight


In our classroom our token boards are attached to a pencil box. Students are responsible for adding their tokens when instructed by the teacher. This gives them ownership of their work. The boxes travel with them across the classroom and the school environment. You can find our task box materials in my TPT store!

This system can also carry over at home. For a more travel friendly version check out the Choice Works App.

As students become more rehearsed and responsive to the system you can start fading it out. You can do this by having to earn all tokens for three days straight before a reward, increasing work load to earn the token, and/or decreasing the value of the reward i.e edible to tangible.


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