Choice Works App Review

As a teacher, we have endless resources at our hands. This includes visual schedules, first then boards, social stories, I am working for, and visuals. We have the luxury of keeping these materials in our classroom. What about parents? You cant be lugging around five different social stories and a visual schedule every time you leave the house. Lets face it, life is unpredictable and things are always changing.

That is where the Choice Works App comes in. CHOICE WORKS IS THE BEST! This is by far the most versatile app and should be on every parent’s device! It is user friendly and can go everywhere with you! It does cost $6.99 but trust me it is well worth it.

So what can this app do anyways? EVERYTHING! Choice Works gives you the ability to create your own schedule, working for page, I am waiting, first then, and so much more!! The fun thing about Choice Works is it allows you to customize your images. You can use your own pictures or the provided clip art. There are endless possibilities

So if you are sick of lugging around a bunch of materials or looking for any easier way to manage behavior at home, download Choice Works today!


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