Morning Circle: Start Your Day Off Right!

Morning Circle is a time for us to come together as a classroom family, asses the day, and put our learning hats on! It is a very interactive whole group lesson where everyone does their part. We work on turn taking, requesting, sharing, movement, music, AAC, and pre-academic skills.

Morning circle starts of with a welcome song. We have a choice of three songs. All songs include greeting your neighbor and saying hello. After we sing, each student takes a turn signing in. This is a wonderful time to practice identifying self and friends pictures/names. We count the total student at school and list our total attendance.

After we are all signed in, we move onto our classroom rules. We always start our day reviewing the expectations of classroom behavior. Students take turns putting together our Mr. Potato Head Rules for school book (bonus works on body part identification!).

Next comes calendar and weather. We check the Month, number day, day, day of the week, and take a peek outside. We also have a fun songs that accompany our calendar and weather. (Parents:You can find them in your class issued CD from the beginning of the year). During this time students work on requesting, AAC, fine motor, and identification.

When we are finished with weather, we move onto our Focus wall. Our focus wall has our weekly letter, number, color, and shape. These items rotate out weekly. Our focus wall contents also carry over into our Rotation Station work. Materials for our focus wall are from TPT sellers are our Hand Writing Without Tears Curriculum; Focus Wall, Numbers & Colors

Following the Focus Wall is our name letters. Each student has a turn to knock on the box and “wake their letter up.” Every student has a chance to identify their letter. They get to stand up in front of the class and make their puppet dance while we sing a song. This is a fun an interactive way to reinforce letter identification!

Last but not least, EXERCISE! Students take turns rolling the dice and identifying a movement. Students than imitate the motor movements until everyone has a turn. Jumping is always a class favorite!

AAC & Morning Circle

Don’t worry, we did not forget about our AAC! During circle we are always implementing personalized AAC devices as well as our large communication board. Reinforcement is provided through our large communication board and our amazing assistant!

We pack a TON into circle and it is only 15 mins long! Circle allows to work every single developmental skill and out individual IEP goals. With morning circle, we can always ensure a great start to our day!


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