Lessonpix.com: The Custom Learning Materials Mecca

Lessonpix.com is one of the greatest resources! This is not a sponsored post. I truly just feel that strongly about them! If you’re like me, and you are not into buying clipart on TPT to make things, Lessonpix is fantastic! For a small $30 a year you get access to an abundant amount of resources.

Lessonpix provides you with an array of clipart. You can even customize your own. You simply search an item or topic and add the desired picture to your tray. To create your own you search images and arrange them to your liking.

Once you have all your items in your tray you can create materials. This is where the magic happens! There are endless amounts of things you can make, Social stories, token boards, first then, adapted books, AAC bracelets, AAC templates, puzzle cards, matching cards, visuals, check lists, schedules, counting cards, coloring pages, name tags, daily reports, lacing cards, bingo cards, learning games, sequencing, sematic maps, multiple choice,  graphing sheets, sorting maps, pattern cards, task cards, I am working got, matching books, and so much more!!!

I use lessonpix for almost everything in my classroom. Below are some examples of how we utilize it throughout our day!

Friday Cooking Recipes
Matching Cards
Social stories
Board Games
Picture Wristbands

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