Friday Baking

Did somebody say snacks? I love to eat and so do my students. Thats why every Friday we cook! Cooking is a great way for students to work on multiple skills i.e. turn taking, fine motor, communcation, and pre-acedmic skills!

When we cook it always correlates to the story we are reading that week. We have the luxury of having a convection oven, microwave, and min fridge in our classroom. However you 100% do not need these to cook. A lot of our snacks are no bake which is super convenient. For ones that do require appliances we do 1 of 2 things. Use the appliance or do TV cooking. What the heck is TV cooking? Have you ever watched a cooking show and seen something miraculous cook in seconds? That is TV cooking. We simply have the students mix all the ingredients and prepare the snack i.e cupcake mix into a cupcake pan. We then put the pan in the oven count to ten and wait for the magic to happen. Whats the magic? We prepare the snack before hand. So after we put in our uncooked indigents and count to ten I pull out the strategically placed precooked snack. This saves a ton of time. For classrooms that do not have these appliance just do TV cooking with your appliances from house keeping!

Flip N’ Talk Baking Fringe

Our snacks are always changing so is the recipe! I make an ingredient list and step by step instructions using Lessoinpix. In order to gather all of our ingredients we use Sign Up Genius. Our wonderful parents and PTA help supply all the needed ingredients!

For a look into our snacks and some tasty things we have made check out our Instgram highlight. 


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