CrAzY aBoUt ChEcKliSts

I love checklists! The only way I can actually manage everything is with a checklist. I use them for everything! The one I used the most is my student check list. It is so simple yet so helpful!The biggest game changes putting check lists in sleeve. I have new kids coming and other kids leaving, My caseload changes all year round so my list is always evolving. For my checklists I simply just have a blank line where I label my list i.e. Progress reports, permission slips, assessment, order forms. I think have two columns. One with students names and the other to put checks. When you have a large caseload this is a super convenient way  of keeping track of your kiddos.

Some other favorite check lists are my new student and my unit switch lists. My new student list also goes in a sleeve but you could just laminate and have the same effect. I list everything I need to prep for my incoming student. This includes labels, pictures, and paperwork. This is been a life saver. Before this list I was constantly forgetting things. This way I can ensure my new incoming kiddo can have a smooth transition into the class!

My unit switch has also been super helpful. We switch thematic units every two weeks. Our units also pertain to a specific book. This list helps me know what needs to be put away and what needs to be put out. This a FREEBIE in my TPT store

All of these lists are also super helpful for my assistant. If I am ever out or need her to take care of something she can just refer to given list and know what to do!


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